We are guided by the fundamental belief in the worth and value of every person

About Inclusion Melbourne

Inclusion Melbourne is Victoria’s oldest day service for adults with an intellectual disability. We believe that people with a disability should be able to live in an inclusive community, supported by people who genuinely care for them, and have the same opportunities to participate in community life.

We have always been guided by the fundamental belief in the worth and value of every person, and their right to be recognised as an equal citizen.

Inclusion Melbourne was founded in 1948 by a group of concerned parents who sought a better life for their children. Determined to provide a more inclusive, respectful alternative to the institutional model of care then available, these parents established what became known as Gawith Villa. This represented a new era in disability support in Victoria.

Gawith Villa eventually became Inclusion Melbourne. We are the only disability service in Victoria to have completely transitioned from a centre-based model to offer fully personalised support for people with intellectual disability.

What sets us apart is that all of our activities and services take place in the community where the people we support can make real friendships and form genuine relationships. We don’t want people locked away in centres where they only congregate with other people with disabilities.