Our People

Education and Training Staff

Jeanette H
Jacque R
Judith P
Karen E
Liz H
Michelle W
Heidi K
Carol T
Carol T

Volunteer Support Staff

Lorraine R
Ori K
Tess L

Support Coordinators

Hayley S
Galit S
Patricia W
Paul F
Robyn G
Danielle S
Karyn N
Lauren M
Paul F

Inclusion DesignLab

Marita D
Nathan D
Paul M
Alexandra L

Administration & Management

Alannah S
Hanna D
Carmine L
Daniel L
Kate L
Kathy L
Yuxia (Bonnie S)
Lucy N

The Board

Inclusion Melbourne is governed by a voluntary board of management. The board is
ultimately responsible for the management and conduct of our organisation. It sets the strategic direction to enable Inclusion Melbourne to work towards achieving its vision of community inclusion for people with disabilities.

Chris Allan (President)
Eileen Armato
Chris Coughlan
Paul Gleeson
Rebecca King
William Norris
Bob Crosthwaite