Our Values

Our vision

Our vision is for people with intellectual disability to live in an inclusive community, where everyone has the same opportunities to participate in community life and to take their place in society as respected citizens.

Our mission

To provide people with every opportunity to do the things they want to do, with the people that matter to them, in accepting and inclusive communities.

Our values


“To consistently act on sound moral principles”

We will act with integrity by:

  • Being respectful
  • Doing what we say we’ll do and being open about how we do it
  • Being honest about what we can and cannot achieve
  • Acting in a manner that is deserving of your trust
  • Having skilled, competent and professional employees


“The inherent ability or capacity for growth”

We will see the potential of all persons by:

  • Believing that everyone has the potential to keep achieving more
  • Ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities for development
  • Understanding that overcoming obstacles is a necessary part of the journey to success


“A single person regarded as a unique personality, distinguished from others by special qualities”

We will embrace individuality by:

  • Acknowledging uniqueness and accepting differences in a non-judgemental manner
  • Using a person-centred approach to meet the unique needs of each person
  • Supporting people to make choices that build the lives they want
  • Working with people in unique and personalised ways
  • Respecting individual and family customs, practices, beliefs, traditions and heritage


“A significant connection existing between people and communities”

We will foster relationships by:

  • Being honest with each other
  • Supporting and encouraging each other
  • Connecting people with their community and nurturing new relationships
  • Working together to solve problems
  • Listening to each other to achieve mutual understanding
  • Strongly believing that together people create better lives