Business Partnerships

Working Toward Community Inclusion

Local businesses and community organisations play a significant role in providing opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities to participate in real life experiences and settings and to learn new skills.

We seek to create partnerships with a wide range of open-minded and willing businesses and organisations to help create meaningful employment and volunteer opportunities.

The benefits to your business:

Strengthen your business: Australian research has found that there is a strong business case, as well as an ethical case, to support disability employment.

When employing people with disabilities, organisations can benefit by:

  • improving customer service
  • strengthening workplace morale and productivity resulting in lower absenteeism and staff turnover and increased employer loyalty
  • being a good corporate citizen
  • complying with legislative requirements and meeting international standards
  • Create a diverse workforce: One in five of your customers is likely to be a person with disability. Knowledge of this growing market segment can assist your business to meet your customers’ needs effectively and grow your business

Recruit and keep great staff: When organisations employ people with a disability, they benefit from having employees who have the skills and aptitude to do their job effectively and efficiently. The principles of employment are the same for people with disability as those without disability. The main focus should be on whether the individual has the skills and aptitude to do the job.

Becoming a Business Partner

If you are interested in partnering with Inclusion Melbourne, please call 9509 4266 for an obligation-free discussion about disability employment or volunteer opportunities at your organisation.

Inclusion Melbourne will provide you with pre-placement consultation and if required, ongoing support to ensure the employment or volunteer role that is being undertaken is meaningful and relevant and a good match between the skills and capabilities of the person with a disability and your organisation.

If needed, Inclusion Melbourne Support Coordinators will work with you over time to assist you to resolve any challenges or questions that arise over time.

Disability Employment – the real facts

  • Over 90% of employers who had recently employed a person with disability said they would be happy to continue to employ people with disabilities
  • 78% of employers described the match between their employee with disability and the job as good
  • In relation to the cost benefit of workplace accommodations for employees with disability, 65% of employers rated the financial effect to be cost neutral and 20% identified an overall financial benefit
  • The average recruitment cost of an employee with disability was 13% of the average recruitment cost of an employee without disability
  • Employees with disability averaged one-sixth the recorded occupational health and safety incidents of employees without disability
  • 90% of employees with disability record productivity rates equal or greater than other workers
  • 98% have average or superior safety records
  • 86% have average or superior attendance records

Source: Graffam, J., Shinkfield, A., Smith, K., & Polzin, U. (2002) Employer benefits and costs of employing people with disability, Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation (17) 251.