Join the Inclusion Melbourne Volunteer Team

The ability to freely give time, energy and commitment in improving the lives of others is often the greatest gift a person can give and volunteers are the heart of our organisation. On average, for every support professional we employ there are ten volunteers, and for every person we support there are two volunteers. Every year over 175 volunteers contribute over 10,000 hours of their time lending their support to people with a disability. Without the ongoing commitment of our community of volunteers, Inclusion Melbourne would not be able to offer the affordable personalised supports that are so valued by the people we support, their families and carers.

Who volunteers?

  • People from many diverse backgrounds
  • Men and women
  • Young people and older people
  • Students and professionals
  • Those who work in or own businesses

Why volunteer with us?

  • Make new friends , contacts and networks
  • Develop and/or use your skills and talents
  • Build your resume
  • Make a difference
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Explore new career possibilities
  • Do something different and challenging
  • Share an interest or hobby
  • Learn something new about yourself
  • Have fun
  • Our practices are guided by the National Standards for Volunteering

What qualities are we looking for in volunteers?

There are certain qualities common in all our volunteers to be friendly, responsive, trust-worthy and to have basic common sense.

What volunteer opportunities are available at Inclusion Melbourne?

There are plenty of opportunities to choose from. The roles described below are the most common however from time to time we recruit for specialist positions such as fundraising, event support, administrative support, resource development, research, marketing, development of educational materials, promotional, coordinating international friendship and fundraising groups. We also welcome your ideas for volunteer roles and projects, which will enhance our disability support services.
There is something for everyone, regardless of experience or qualifications. To learn more about the different volunteering roles available click on the links below.

Volunteer Roles

Find out more about what volunteer roles are available here.

Inclusion Melbourne Volunteer Training and Support

Inclusion Melbourne provides thorough induction training for all volunteers, as well as ongoing development and support opportunities. Read more here.