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2017 Induction & Refresher Training


Inclusion Melbourne invites all new or existing staff and volunteers to attend an Induction and Refresher training session.

Induction Training Calendar: Feb to June 2017

 Please note that these trainings are not open to the public.

NDIS Readiness Workshops for Inner and Outer Eastern Melbourne


Are you unsure about the upcoming National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?
Do you need some assistance collating the information for your first planning meeting?

To help you understand the NDIS changes and prepare for you NDIS planning meeting, Inclusion Melbourne, with support of State Trustee’s has developed a workshop series to support you transition to the NDIS.
Each fortnight the workshops will provide you with information, guidance to set goals, helpful tips, and assist you to complete all the necessary paperwork for the planning meeting. In addition to the workshops you will have the change to meet with other families that we support in your local area.
Thursday 16th February:        workshop one – what is the NDIS?
Thursday 2nd March:              workshop two – planning for the plan
Thursday 16th March:            workshop three – getting the most out of your plan
Thursday 30th March:            workshop four – what next? 

It is recommended you attend all 4 workshops to prepare for your NDIS planning meeting.
Click HERE to register
Workshops for Western and Southern Melbourne are being planned for later in 2017

Don’t keep your questions about the NDIS to yourself!


We understand that a lot of people are unsure about the NDIS, and have a lot of questions about planning, funding and the rollout. We have a drop- in service for people who receive supports from Inclusion Melbourne, their families, advocates and carers. The drop-in service provides and opportunity to ask all of these questions and chat about how the NDIS can work well for them. The drop-in service operates once a month at our Armadale Office.

Call 9509 4266 if you would like some more information about this service.

Important Dates – 2016 & 2017


Important Dates 2016
Click on the link to download our 2016 Planner

January 1st – New Year’s Day (Public Holiday)
January 4th – 15th (inclusive) – Term Break (Personalised Supports and Inclusion Training)
January 25th – Term Holiday
January 26th – Australia Day (Public Holiday)

March 14th – Labour Day (Public Holiday)
March 25th – April 1st (inclusive) – Term Break (Personalised Supports and Inclusion Training)

April 4th – April 8th (inclusive) – Term Break (Inclusion Training)
April 11th – Staff Training Day
April 25th – ANZAC Day (Public Holiday)

June 13th – Queens Birthday (Public Holiday)
June 24th – Staff Training Day
June 27th – July 1st (inclusive) – Term Break (Personalised Supports and Inclusion Training)

July 4th – 8th (inclusive) – Term Break (Inclusion Training)

September 19th – October 3rd (inclusive) – Term Break (Inclusion Training)
September 26th – October 3rd (inclusive) – Term Break (Personalised Supports)

October 31st – November 1st – Melbourne Cup Holidays

December 16th – Staff Training Day
December 19th – 30th (inclusive) – Term Break (Inclusion Training)
December 23rd – 30th (inclusive) – Term Break (Personalised Supports)

Important Dates 2017
Click on the link to download our 2017 Planner
Please Note: NDIS Participants are exempt from Inclusion Melbourne holiday periods. 

January 1st & 2nd – New Year’s Day (Public Holiday)
January 3rd – 13th (inclusive) – Term Break (Personalised Supports & Inclusion Training)
January 26th – Australia Day (Public Holiday)
January 27th – Term Holiday (Personalised Supports & Inclusion Training)

March 13th – Labour Day (Public Holiday)

April 3rd – April 13th (inclusive) – Term Break (Inclusion Training)
April 10th-13th (inclusive) – Term Break (Personalised Supports)
April 14th-17th (inclusive) – Easter Holidays
April 24th – Staff Training Day
April 25th – ANZAC Day (Public Holiday)

June 12th – Staff Training Day
June 13th – Queens Birthday (Public Holiday)

July 3rd-14th (inclusive) – Term Break (Inclusion Training)
July 10th – 14th (inclusive) – Term Break (Personalised Supports)

September 22nd – Staff Training Day
September 25th – October 6th (inclusive) – Term Break (Inclusion Training)
September 29th – AFL Grand Final (Public Holiday)

October 2nd-6th (inclusive) Term Break (Personalised Supports)

November 6th & 7th (inclusive) -Melbourne Cup Holidays

December 18th – 29th (inclusive) – Term Break (Inclusion Training)
December 20th – Staff Training Day
December 21st – 29th (inclusive) – Term Break (Personalised Supports)


Read our Submission to the Development of the State Disability Plan 2017-2020


We feel grateful to be given the opportunity to provide a submission to the State Government for the development of the State Disability Plan 2017-2020. Providing strong systems and access to advocacy is at the top of our list. Read our recent submission here.

Regular Volunteer Information Sessions – 2016 Timetable


To attend a Volunteer Information Session please email or call 9509 4266 to book your place.

Day/DateTime VenuePresenter
Thursday 9th February10:30-11:30amArmadaleTess
Wednesday 15th February6:00-7:00pmArmadaleLorraine
Wednesday 22nd February10:00-11:00amSunshineOranoos
Wednesday 1st March10:00-11:00amArmadaleOranoos
Wednesday 22nd March6:00-7:00pmArmadaleLorraine
Monday 27th March10:00-11:00amSunshineTess

Join our Community of Practice!


Inclusion Training host a Community of Practice for Learn Local trainers and assessors who work in the disability sector.

Read more about it here.

If you’re interested in joining our CoP, or would like some more information, please contact us on 95094266.

The 2016-17 Entertainment Book has Arrived!


With a Gold Card and Vouchers, the Entertainment Book represents over $20,000 in value. Support Inclusion, by purchasing the book or the app today.

Click HERE to order your book!

Monthly Induction & Refresher Training for Staff and Volunteers 2016


Inclusion Melbourne invites all new or existing staff and volunteers to attend an Induction and Refresher training.

Please find the invite attached.
Flyer Induction Training Feb to June 2016

 Please note that these trainings are not open to the public.

Circles of Support Training 2016


Circles of Support aim to formalise informal networks to provide valuable and authentic support to a person with a disability

Circles of Support are beneficial because they support the person with a disability over the long term, act as a mechanism that promotes communal responsibility, and support families, carers and advocates. In 2015, Inclusion Melbourne facilitated a trial program, assisting 3 people to build and maintain their own Circles of Support. The success of the program has resulted in Inclusion Melbourne being selected by the National Disability Service (NDS) to contribute to the Community Inclusion Initiative for 2015. The NDS is working with Inclusion Melbourne to expand the Circle of Support program and understand how Circles of Support can contribute to support people with a disability within the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Have a look at our Inclusion Designlab website for more information.


John's Circle of Support

John’s Circle of Support

We’re excited to invite you to our Circles of Support Training, which will commence in March 2016. For more information, see the attached invite for details…

Circles of Support Training 2016

Call 03 9509 4266 for enquiries or bookings.