Inclusion Melbourne provides personalised support for people with an intellectual disability

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Inclusion Melbourne provides personalised support for adults with an intellectual disability, commonly known as day services. Our personalised support service is leading the way in promoting the inclusion of people with an intellectual disability in the community. We support people to live a fulfilled life, to participate in activities based on their own needs, wants and interests, and to develop meaningful friendships within the local community.

Unlike other disability day services, Inclusion Melbourne is not limited to a specific geographic location and we don’t force you to pick activities from a list, follow a group schedule, or stay in a centre.

This means the people we support can express themselves and pursue their passions, choose the activities they enjoy, the subjects they want to learn and the friends they have common interests with.

At Inclusion Melbourne, everyone we support has a completely tailored life-plan.

Personalised support

Inclusion Melbourne’s personalised service model is a departure from traditional day center models of disability support.

  • Affordable and Accessible: Our personalised support service is funded through your normal support package. (Contact the Department of Human Services about your support package entitlements.)
  • A safer model of support: Supported in the community, our experience shows that people at Inclusion Melbourne are safer than in traditional services.
  • Fosters genuine new relationships: Inclusion Melbourne supports people to become involved with other members of the community and volunteers.
  • Meaningful activities in the community: People at Inclusion Melbourne are supported to do the things that are important to them and meet their unique needs.

Inclusion Melbourne works with people with a disability, their families and carers to design a support plan that authentically meets their needs and wants. We aim towards a vision of a better life for the person that involves all the people in their life.

With Inclusion Melbourne, we offer choices and create opportunities that help turn your dreams into a reality.

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Learning, training and education

Inclusion Melbourne provides high quality, accredited education for learners at any level to develop skills for everyday living and further study.

  • Certificate I and II in Initial Adult Literacy and Numeracy: An accredited entry level adult education course for life-skills or as the basis for further study. Find out all the courses we offer here.
  • Certificate I in General Education: Reading, writing, numeracy and work skills, leading to work and participation in the community. Find out all the courses we offer here.
  • Innovative and supported learning at your own pace: Learn at your own pace using a strength based approach and support from a volunteer tutor.
  • Enrol at any time: Individual Learning Plans support both short-term and long-term learning goals.

We offer courses for adults who want to develop their skills in reading, writing and numeracy. Our classes are small and our learners are supported to improve communication and other valuable personal and employability skills.

Our goal is to create pathway choices. Individual Learning Plans are developed for each learner and are reviewed twice a year.

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Integrate education and relationship building

As your loved one finishes at high school, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork, financial requirements, decisions and choices. Many families are unprepared for the enormous changes that come when leaving school.

Inclusion Melbourne’s Discovery helps adults with an intellectual disability and their families to transition from school to completely personalised support.

Discovery reduces the stress on families by offering a semi-structured transition program that focuses on teaching people about:

  • The options available in their local community;
  • Service to the community;
  • Self-advocacy, rights and responsibilities;
  • Skills for everyday living, like using public transport, road safety, literacy and numeracy.

This innovative program runs for 12 months to help adults with intellectual disabilities transition from school to a personalised approach, moving from a familiar environment to living in the community.

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