Leisure and Recreation

We support people to participate in activities of their choice.

Everyone has different interests and different aspirations. We listen and work with you to ensure that you are doing activities which fulfill your needs and motivations whether that is to be challenged, to meet new people or to learn new skills.

The activities which we can support you to participate in are endless however here are just a few examples of our leisure and recreation activities that we support people to participate in:

  • Sailing
  • Joining a local gardening group
  • Singing in choir
  • Swimming
  • Exercise keep classes at the your local gym
  • Getting fit with a personal trainer
  • Joining a community drama group
  • Working in an art studio
  • Taking sewing, embroidery or beading classes
  • Horse riding

Sometimes we find that some people wish to participate in the same activities as other people who we support. By sharing activities with other people, activities which are typically expensive become more affordable.