NDIS Support Coordination

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How does Support Coordination work at Inclusion Melbourne

Inclusion Melbourne provides Support Coordination for NDIS participants to assist them to implement all services in their NDIS plan. This includes services from a range of organisations, day services, private supports, recreational programs, VET arrangements and more. Inclusion Melbourne has more than 60 years’ experience as a support provider and 20 years’ experience as a provider of personalised community-based supports. We will work with NDIS participants to maintain their current arrangement and to prepare for the future through experiencing a broader range of options.

How can an Inclusion Melbourne Support Coordinator help me?

Our role is to support participants to quickly get their funded plan up and running. With over 25 years of supporting people with intellectual disability to build lives within the community we have a vast array of experience to draw upon, and can offer helpful suggestions along the way. We work as a trusted advisor in partnership with people with disability and their families. Our staff are professionals who are privileged to work with participants to find the right provider that meets their needs, removing unforeseen barriers along the way.

The NDIS is all about the autonomy and choice of the participant, rather than the convenience of the sector or support organisations. This lines up with our organisational mission of providing people with every opportunity to do the things they want to do, with the people that matter to them, in accepting and inclusive communities. We empower NDIS participants to:

  • Learn about NDIS and how it works.
  • Understand how to get the best value from your support providers
  • Address any issues that can arise and work with you to find solutions
  • Become more connected
  • Learn to use the Participant Portal on the internet
  • Learn about Circles of support, Choice-making, Citizenship and other evidence-based practice frameworks (Inclusion Designlab) to help you thrive

How is the role different from the role of the NDIS Planner?

The role of the planner is to work with people to explore their needs, goals and aspirations and develop a plan that specifies how supports will be funded to enable the person to have a good life. The NDIS makes decisions on what people can access based on the legislated principles of reasonable and necessary.

The job of a Support Coordinator is to assist people and provide practical support to implement a plan, or to acquire a new skill or make a new connection. A support coordinator can be requested as part of the funding in a participant’s plan. A Support Coordinator is funded to work with people to:

  • Get your plan up and running.
  • Monitor your supports – ensuring the services are working well and operating within the budget, and
  • Help you prepare for your plan review

When the NDIS is fully implemented, the NDIS will be required to undertake a high volume of reviews across the scheme. We ensure everyone we support has all of the relevant documentation and evidence to assist in their plan review.

As a personalised support organisation, we work with people to undertake detailed person centred planning that understands individual needs and desires, as well as utilising measures of supports intensity so that the people we support are thoroughly prepared for their plan reviews.

How does Inclusion Melbourne’s Support Coordination differ from other providers?

Inclusion Melbourne was established over 65 years ago by a group of families who were told to place their children in an institution. They rejected the idea out of hand, and in doing so laid down golden rules that still permeate the organisation and drive all of our actions. Notably, we learn from their actions that doing what is right isn’t always easy, and that we should reject all forms of institutional care, instead focusing on working with community to build welcoming places where we can all engage in the things that we love.

Inclusion Melbourne has provided support coordination for over 25 years and since that time, has sought to build good lives for people in their community, seeking to connect people to the places, activities and people that matter to them. We back this up with a professional team and we are a learning organisation. This means we seek to learn from the experiences of the people we support and partner with researchers and academics to undertake research, analysis and advocacy to improve the lives of people with intellectual disability and their families and carers.Having an Inclusion Melbourne support coordinator means that people have a coordinator who specialises in working with adults with intellectual disability, and who knows about attaining right relationship and building community.

How reliable is Inclusion Melbourne?

Inclusion Melbourne commits to customer service standards to ensure the people we support receive the highest levels of support and attention. After we receive the referral from the NDIS, we will contact the participant within two (2) business days. During this call we will confirm that we are the right organisation to work with you, or else we will refer you on to another coordination service if we aren’t best placed to work with you (for example, if the referral is for a person with a physical disability). During this call we will introduce ourselves and learn about what you expect from us.
During our first face-to-face visit we talk about how we will work together. To ensure we meet your needs we will develop an action plan. This action plan is a means to outline the actions we will take together and we will review this on a regular basis.This is an ongoing agreement about our work together and a record of how reliable and helpful we are.

What if I have a problem with my services?

Part of the Support Coordination role is to work with people and help them set up a service agreement for each of the supports that they receive. Inclusion Melbourne support coordinators check in regularly with the people we support and if there are any concerns, we will work with them to identify the reason for the concern, and seek to address it with the provider. If it can’t be addressed to the participant’s satisfaction, then we will work with the participant to locate another provider that will meet the participant’s requirements.

What if I have a problem with Inclusion Melbourne?

Just like any other provider in the NDIS, Inclusion Melbourne is required to set up a Service Agreement with every person we work with. Our service agreement outlines how we work with people, our responsibilities, and the specifics of the supports we provide, tailored to each individual. Within the service agreement we also list who to call if a participant wants to register a complaint, as well as the contact details of external oversight bodies. Inclusion Melbourne’s feedback address is feedback@inclusion.melbourne.

How do I choose Inclusion Melbourne?

Simple. Tell the planner and this will be noted on the system and the planner will make contact with us.