Choosing the right supports

Choosing the right service for you

For some people, choosing the support provider that meets your needs is straightforward. For other people, it can be a time consuming and complex process. Over a number of years of working with people, we have come to realise that there were no guides to assist people. Further, we saw that in many purchasing decisions, there have been guides to help people; from choosing a school, to a mortgage to health insurance there are a range of tools, guides and online calculators to assist people. Yet, when it comes to finding the right disability support service, there was nothing. We are pleased to have partnered with Wesley Mission Victoria, one of the largest community support organisations in Australia, to produce a range of materials that are available for you to download and use. These include:

  • An information booklet about some of the things you should consider
  • scorecard, so when you visit services you can rate the provider and after visiting a number of services you can tally the scores to see which one best meets your specific needs
  • An electronic form of the checklist so you can keep the scores on an excel spread sheet