This paper was presented by a person with an intellectual disability at Conference in New Zealand in 1999. The paper discusses her studies and work, as well as the development of the literacy classes and the partnership with Deakin University that led to the development of the Partner Assisted Learning System, still in use by Inclusion Melbourne to support students to achieve their educational goals.

Normalisation and social role valorisation are widely acknowledged as having strongly influenced reforms to services for people with an intellectual disability. This paper describes the key features of social role valorisation and some social role valorisation applications to service development.

Errol has had a long involvement with Inclusion Melbourne. He undertook the initial piece of work during the 1990s that started the organisational service transformation.

This paper describes the key learning outcomes that came from the examination of eight American community-based agencies that altered their service practices from an exclusive reliance on group and fixed models of disability services, to models of service that were exclusively individualised for the entirety of the people they served.

Michael has had a long involvement with Inclusion Melbourne, supporting the entire organisation during its transformation from centre based group activity to a personalised model.

This article describes the Five Dimensions of Person-Centredness, an evaluation tool developed specifically to explore supported living and inclusion-orientated organisations.

Andy is one of the founders of Diversity Matters, a Scottish organisation that has developed alternative ways of supporting people and hopes that more people in the future will receive highly personalised and individual responses not standard solutions. There are a number of Scottish organisations whose actions mirror and inspire Inclusion Melbourne.


Submission to the Essential Services Commission: Vocational Education and Training Fee and Funding Review 2011. In this submission Inclusion Melbourne supports increased funding to assist the needs of students with intellectual disability.

Submission to the Victorian Taxi Inquiry. In this submission Inclusion Melbourne challenges the status quo and recommends additional and improved systems designed to support people with a disability who use taxis as their primary mode of transportation.