At Inclusion Melbourne, the only fees that you will pay are $8.50 daily service fee.

The majority of costs in providing your supports will be drawn from your individual support package.

The daily service fee is important for two reasons:

  • The funds provided by government do not reflect the true costs of providing quality supports to people. Refer to the Department of Human Services Price Review Out of Home Disability Services prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers in March 2009.
  • Inclusion Melbourne provides individualized support in your local community. This  support is slightly more costly than if we conducted group activities in one building. The service fees helps us to meet the costs associated with maintaining our high standards of quality service.

The following graph demonstrates the far greater one on one support time provided  by Inclusion Melbourne’s individualized disability service model – within the budget of individual support package.


Find our Personalised Supports Schedule of Fees 2017-2018 here.

Find our Inclusion Training Schedule of Fees 2018 here.