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Circles of Support Training 2016

Circles of Support aim to formalise informal networks to provide valuable and authentic support to a person with a disability

Circles of Support are beneficial because they support the person with a disability over the long term, act as a mechanism that promotes communal responsibility, and support families, carers and advocates. In 2015, Inclusion Melbourne facilitated a trial program, assisting 3 people to build and maintain their own Circles of Support. The success of the program has resulted in Inclusion Melbourne being selected by the National Disability Service (NDS) to contribute to the Community Inclusion Initiative for 2015. The NDS is working with Inclusion Melbourne to expand the Circle of Support program and understand how Circles of Support can contribute to support people with a disability within the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

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John's Circle of Support

John’s Circle of Support

We’re excited to invite you to our Circles of Support Training, which will commence in March 2016. For more information, see the attached invite for details…

Circles of Support Training 2016

Call 03 9509 4266 for enquiries or bookings.